Zakaria Moumni Convicted by Canadian Justice as per Atlas Media Group

The Superior Court of Canada made a decision on July 27, 2023, in Montreal that led to the conviction of Zakaria Moumni. According to this verdict, Z. Moumni is required to pay the sum of 30,000 Canadian dollars to Mr. Rachid Najahi, the CEO of the Atlas Media Group, to compensate for damages caused by publicly issued false statements.

The case originates from incidents that occurred during the 7th edition of the Moroccan Festival in Montreal on July 29, 2022. This event had been jointly organized by Mr. Najahi and the Atlas Media Group. Zakaria Moumni disrupted this celebration by making defamatory remarks about Moroccan participants and other attendees.

Among the allegations made by Z. Moumni, there was notably the accusation that Mr. Rachid Najahi was a “paid agent” of the Moroccan government. Furthermore, he claimed that the Moroccan Festival was a tool of propaganda funded by the government, despite the Court proving that the event was financially independent and had never received institutional or state subsidies.

The decision issued by the Superior Court of Canada stipulates that Zakaria Moumni is obligated to pay $20,000 to Mr. Rachid Najahi to compensate for the damage caused to his reputation, along with $10,000 as punitive damages. The judgment underscores the importance of truth and accountability in disseminating information to the public.

Mr. Rachid Najahi commented on this decision, stating, “This decision aims to protect the rights and reputation of individuals.” Additionally, Zakaria Moumni is also facing allegations of physical assault against three participants at the Moroccan Festival.

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