Mouride Khalifa General Receives Moroccan Delegation to 129th Grand Magal of Touba Ceremony

The Moroccan delegation participating in the official ceremony of the 129th Grand Magal of Touba (Central Senegal), an event honoring the departure of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacké (1853-1927), founder of the Mouride brotherhood, was received on Tuesday by Khalifa General of the Mourides, Serigne Mountakha Bassirou Mbacke.

The spiritual mega-gathering’s official ceremony, led by Serigne Abo Mbacké, was attended by a Senegalese government delegation headed by Interior Minister Antoine Diome, foreign delegations, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Dakar, and the Moroccan delegation. Serigne Abo Mbacké, the Khalife of Serigne Fallou Mbacké (1945-1968) and the Khalife General of the Mourides presided over the event.

The Moroccan delegation was led by Saïd Chebbar, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Ulemas (Conseil Supérieur des Oulémas).

Members of the Moroccan delegation were warmly welcomed to the holy city of Touba for this religious event, showcasing the strong ties between Morocco and Senegal as well as the Mouride brotherhood in this country.