King urges Moroccan pilgrims to embody the lofty values of Islam, represent their country properly

King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, called on Moroccan pilgrims to embody the lofty values of Islam, including those of integrity, proper treatment of others, solidarity, and sincerity when turning to the Lord of the Worlds.

In a message he addressed Thursday to the first group of Moroccan pilgrims heading to the Holy Shrines of Islam for the pilgrimage of the year 1445 H, the King said: “My message to you stems from the special importance I have always attached to sacred religious values” which need to be observed during hajj rituals.

King Mohammed VI has called on Moroccan pilgrims to represent their country in the best way possible during the great Hajj season, by adhering to the quintessential values of Islam, including moderation, sincere brotherhood, unwavering tolerance, and effective solidarity.

While in the Holy Land for Hajj, “make sure – may God protect you – that you perform all rites, obligatory rituals and recommended practices”, said the King in his message that was read out by Minister of Habous & Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq.

Urging pilgrims to devote their time to supplication, remembering the Almighty and seeking His forgiveness, he stated “in that way, you may obtain what God has promised believers as a reward for performing an accepted Hajj; indeed, the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon Him – said: “For an accepted Hajj, there is no other reward than Paradise”, underlined the King.

The King also called Moroccan pilgrims to respect the measures taken and the arrangements made by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs to provide for your comfort throughout your journey. The aim is to enable pilgrims to perform your rituals in the best conditions possible, thanks to the specialized teams which will accompany you from the time you leave until your return home. These teams include administrators, male and female religious scholars and guides as well as male and female doctors and nurses, who will be looking after you. They will be working around the clock to provide the services needed by pilgrims immediately.

“I am sure you realize that performing the Hajj rituals in these holy places requires strict adherence to the regulatory measures taken by the relevant authorities in our sister nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to provide for the comfort and safety of the guests of the Almighty”, said the royal message, noting that the goal is to ensure the Hajj season proceeds safely and smoothly.

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