Mozambique: the flow of foreign investment reached $ 16 billion in five years

Mozambique-marketAccording to the data published by the Mozambican Ministry of Planning and Development, it is clear that foreign direct investment flows during 2010-2014 have reached a total amount of $ 16 billion, with the main beneficiaries, natural resource sectors including those of coal, oil and natural gas.

In the opinion of the Mozambican administration officials quoted by a local daily Noticias, the performance achieved during the reference period is to be credited to improve legislative frameworks including the oil industry, and mining. It will also improve the policies and institutions framing the strategy around mining projects

“These new laws will provide more flexibility for investors, and stability for Mozambique,” explained the authorities of that country, adding that among the safeguards, the oil contracts will provide for the supply of the internal market about 25% of global production.

Although this figure is significant and according to a recent report from Price water house Coopers international audit firm, the country will make more effort to attract between 20 and $ 25 billion, which could position Mozambique the third largest global producer of liquefied natural gas, behind Australia and Qatar.

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