The African Risk Capacity pays 12.5bln FCFA to three Sahelian countries.

food-malawiThe CRA Ltd insurance company will pay 12.5 billion FCFA to Niger, Senegal and Mauritania. This payment will be made for insurance against drought which had signed the three countries with the African Risk Capacity (ARC) a Pan-African mutual risk management.

CRA Ltd is a specialized agency of the African Union (AU), which is intended to allow states to protect their people against food insecurity and consecutive natural disasters by providing the necessary funding for protect for the most vulnerable populations in the event of a food crisis.

According to Robert Piper, Regional Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN for the Sahel, “these early payments which will be made by the CRA are an important step in the government leadership and financial innovation for emergency responses across the Sahel. »

For his part, Dr. Richard Wilcox, Acting Director General of the CRA, does not hide his pride: “this is a great time in the food safety management in Africa, which demonstrates the potential of financing the fight against disasters at the best cost efficiency possible.” He said.

Analysts said that the model developed by the CRA should enable it to achieve sustained expansion and offer its services to over twenty countries in five years.

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