Supreme Group to invest $ 500 million in Africa food industry

Supreme-Group-USAThe Supreme Group will invest $ 500 million in equity investment in African SMEs involved in the food industry. This ambition began with the acquisition in a few weeks ago of a 42 per cent stake in GEPACO SA (GEPACO), a Tunisian-based company specializing in the manufacture of food items under the brand Moulin d’Or. This comes from the desire of the company to strengthen its presence on a continent where it already operated in over twenty countries.

GEPACO has created a very distinctive business model, deep expertise and a powerful brand that can cross borders,” said Honore Dainhi, President of Supreme Group’s Africa Division. “We are already discussing potential investments in manufacturing plants, new distribution methods, product customization and looking at new strategic business partnerships in selected African countries. This expansion has always been GEPACO’s ambition, and with the support of Supreme, we can now achieve this goal together.”

“This acquisition is a very important step in our African diversification strategy and is a template for our future acquisitions. Our investment focus is on consumer facing businesses in the food and non-alcoholic beverage sectors in Africa. We are serious about our acquisition strategy and we look forward to form new partnerships with private organizations and make long term investments focused on growth and partnerships,” Dainhi added.

“Our investment is focused on the commercial sector of food and non-alcoholic beverages in Africa, in direct contact with the consumer. We take seriously our acquisition strategy and we look forward to the prospect of new partnerships with private organizations and make long-term investments focused on growth and partnerships. “Told the manager to Afrimag.

“Supreme is more than a financial investor. The company has been operating in Africa for more than 20 years and as such, has developed extensive logistics and operational networks and considerable local market knowledge,” said Souhail Ben Aissa, Founder of GEPACO.

“Supreme has been managing food and beverage supply and distribution on a massive scale for many years; so we will leverage their expertise to further develop the Moulin d’Or brand across the African continent,” concluded Mohamed Ben Rekhis, CEO of GEPACO.

Note that Supreme Group which is involved in the supply chains in conflict zones, has earned a reputation as a supplier of food to the US military. The company is based in Africa at the end of the Gulf War.

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