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After football, school to resume in Tanzania amidst virus concerns

Tanzania announced the reopening of schools closed for 3 months due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Primary schools will reopen in 10 days, June 29, President John Magufuli announced. The universities have already taken over since the beginning of June. This announcement raises questions, since the last time the government published the figures for the pandemic […]

Football is back in Tanzania

This is the first African country to revive its domestic league. Four games were played this weekend and are the first to be played in three months, although they are subject to strict health protocols. Children and older supporters, considered the most vulnerable against Covid-19, are banned from the stadiums. “Well football coming back really […]

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Tanzania is declared COVID-19 “free” thanks to payers, fasting

Tanzanian President John Magufuli said Sunday in a church in the capital Dodoma that the country was “free of coronavirus” thanks to the prayers of its citizens. “We prayed and fasted for God to save us from the pandemic. And God has heard us,” he told the congregation. Magufuli has repeatedly said the health crisis […]

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Schools reopen in several African countries

Several African countries, including Niger, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Tanzania, have started gradual reopening of schools. Primary school pupils were back to school on Monday June 1 in Niger, while Kindergartens remain closed. The schools had been closed since March 20 with the first coronavirus cases in the country. To ensure social distancing, the classes […]

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Regional observer mission prevented from attending elections in Burundi

The election observation mission of the East African Community (EAC), expected earlier this week, will probably not be in Burundi for the triple election scheduled in nine days, at least according to a letter from the Burundian government to the secretariat general of this organization. The minister responsible for relations with this regional organization has […]

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African Union Rejects Tanzanian President’s Accusations on Testing

The Director of the African Union Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Africa CDC), Dr. John Nkengasong, denies the Tanzanian president’s accusations that the screening tests sent to his country are faulty. “The tests that Tanzania and all African countries are using are tests that we have validated and we know they are very effective,” […]

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Tanzania: Director of National Health Laboratory fired

In Tanzania, the director of the National Health Laboratory was suspended on Monday, pending the results of an enquiry on Covid-19 testing in the country. The suspension comes one day after President John Magufuli’s statements questioning the credibility of the tests. The head of state said samples from a goat and other animals tested positive, […]

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Tanzania’s tourism hit hard by coronavirus

In Tanzania’s semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar, the tourism-dominated economy has been hard hit by tourists’ fears over the Coronavirus pandemic, with reports of hotel cancellations after the government suspended direct flights from Italy. The East African nation has not had any confirmed case of the coronavirus. According to the BBC, at least 80% of Zanzibar’s […]

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Tanzania inks $1.46 billion loan for regional railway project

Tanzania has signed a $1.46 billion loan agreement with Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania to fund the construction of a standard gauge railway in the East African nation. The Finance and Planning Ministry and Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania said in a statement late on Thursday the funding will be for building a 550 km section of […]

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Fausta, world’s oldest rhino, dies in Tanzania

Fausta, the world’s oldest black rhino died in the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania, at the age of 57. The female rhino, named Fausta, died of what is believed to be natural causes on December 27 in a sanctuary, after living most of her life in the wild, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority said in a […]

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