Libya: GNA re-takes control of Tripoli international Airport

Things are getting well for the forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya. Since May 26, the forces have been winning one victory after another.

On the evening of Wednesday June 3, they announced that they had “fully liberated Tripoli International Airport”. The announcement follows several days of violent fighting around the airport.


The offensive against the airport itself was launched Wednesday morning by forces loyal to the GNA, assisted by Turkish drones and Syrian mercenaries. The encircled airport quickly fell and Khalifa Haftar’s forces withdrew southwards.

The setback suffered by Khalifa Haftar’s forces comes two days after the UN announced the resumption of military talks between the belligerents with a view to reaching a deal on a ceasefire.

However, before returning to the negotiating table, the GNA expressed its desire to drive Khalifa Haftar’s forces out of Western Libya as much as possible.

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