Uganda: The country recalls its ambassador to Denmark because of financial scandal over Covid-19 funds

Uganda recalled its ambassador to Denmark and her deputy after the release of a recording suggesting that the two diplomats conspired during a videoconference to share funds to address the Covid-19 crisis.
During the videoconference, a video of which circulated on social networks, Ambassador Nimisha Madhvani, her deputy and other members of the diplomatic staff appeared to be plotting to share the money that was supposed to be spent on helping citizens stranded by the Covid-19 crisis.
Participants suggested that, based on the registration, instead of being registered for expenses incurred by the Covid-19 crisis, the money should be used as an allowance for diplomats.
“Give yourself $4, 000,” said Deputy Ambassador Elly Kamahungye, noting that there would be “clutter” in the accounts and recalling that diplomats had been able to bribe controllers to put a previous investigation into the embassy’s accounts on hold. Nimisha Madhvani suggests, according to the recording, that diplomatic staff “find a way” to use the money.
The Permanent Secretary of the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Patrick Mugoya assured Monday that an investigation would be conducted into the case. The ministry expressed “serious concern about these allegations and takes this case seriously,” he said, adding that the officials involved “have been recalled to the ministry’s headquarters to pave the way for investigations.