Indonesia: Moroccan Sahara Issue would Have Been Easily Resolved if Algeria had stopped Supporting “Polisario”

The issue of the Moroccan Sahara would have been easily resolved if Algeria had stopped supporting the “polisario”, Indonesian news portal “Kompasiana” wrote on Sunday. “Algeria continues to harbor resentment against Morocco (…). This is why it supports the Polisario with money and weapons,” said the author of the article, journalist Veeramalla Anjaiah. The UN and the international community must put pressure on Algeria to stop its interference in the domestic affairs of Morocco, he underlined, specifying that the leaders of the “polisario” are currently facing great anger from the those held captive in Tindouf who are protesting against the increasingly precarious conditions in the camps. “Some of Tindouf’s frustrated individuals unfortunately ended up joining terrorist organizations, while others who were more fortunate managed to escape the grip of the Polisario and returned to Morocco,” the news site noted. It concluded by saying that many African countries and states have denounced the provocative actions of the “polisario” which disturb the stability of the region, while expressing their appreciation for Morocco’s efforts to restore peace in the region.

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