DRC: Moïse Katumbi, Jean-Pierre Bemba join the Sacred Union of President Tshisekedi

Member of Democratic Republic of Congo's political party People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) Moise Katumbi (L) speaks with the leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo's political party Movement for the Liberation of the Congo (MLC) Jean-Pierre Bemba (R) prior to a joint press conference on September 12, 2018 in Brussels. - The Democratic Republic of Congo's highest court on September 4, 2018 ended former warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba's bid to stand in this year's presidential election, upholding an earlier ban imposed on him for bribing witnesses. (Photo by JOHN THYS / AFP)

Moïse Katumbi’s Ensemble pour le changement and Jean-Pierre Bemba’s Mouvement de Libération du Congo (MLC) join the Sacred Union of the Nation initiated by President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi.

The two groups formalized their membership Thursday with the informant, Senator Modeste Bahati Lukwebo who is in charge of identifying the new majority.

After a first contact with the informant a few days ago, the pro-Katumbi and pro-Bemba returned to Senator Modeste Bahati Lukwebo to formalize their membership in the Sacred Union of the Nation.

Deputy Dieudonné Bolengetenge speaks on behalf of the 37 national elected representatives of the Ensemble pour le changement party: “We are part of the process of constituting this majority within the framework of the Sacred Union of the Nation. We came to exchange with the informant to confirm our adhesion to the process of constituting this new majority.”

For Mohamed Bole, head of the MLC and Allies delegation, the Sacred Union of the Nation should make it possible to fight for the well-being of the Congolese people: “These 22 national deputies and these groups of MLC and Allied parliamentarians will join the Sacred Union. What are we looking for? Security, peace for the Congolese people. What are we looking for? Reforms, but so that there can be peaceful elections.”

The formalization of the membership of Ensemble for Change and the MLC in the Sacred Union was eagerly awaited. The leaders of these two groups, Moïse Katumbi and Jean-Pierre Bemba, were the first to support the initiative of President Félix Tshisekedi after the break-up of the FCC-Cach coalition.


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