Guinea: Opponent Oumar Sylla sentenced to eleven months in prison

Oumar Sylla, alias Foninké Mangué, was punished by the Mafanco court in Conakry for direct provocation to an unarmed gathering.

A figure of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, Oumar Sylla has been detained since September 29.

Calm and dignified, Oumar Sylla stands at the helm. Behind his sunglasses, he doesn’t let anything show through. He listens to the verdict: eleven months firm, for facts requalified as “direct provocation to an unarmed gathering”. Then he lets out his anger: “I continue the fight against the third mandate of Mr. Alpha Condé! “, he claims in the hubbub, while the prison administration pushes him into the van.

Incarcerated since September 29th and after two weeks of hunger strike to demand the holding of his trial, he has seven months left in detention.

“We will file our letter of appeal in the following hours and we will fight to have this decision simply overturned by the Court of Appeal,” explains his lawyer Alseny Aïssata.

The detention of Oumar Sylla one month before the presidential election that allowed President Alpha Condé to obtain a controversial third term was closely followed by human rights NGOs and Western chancelleries.

In a statement, the FNDC denounced a “teleguided sentence against the activist of the democratic alternation”.

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