Pan-African Magazine highlights Morocco’s achievements in fight against poverty

“Hommes d’Afrique Magazine”, a pan-African monthly publication which tackles issues related to the economy and development in Africa, has devoted its July special issue to the achievements made by Morocco in the fight against poverty, noting that the Kingdom has currently the lowest poverty rate in Africa.

In an editorial dedicated to the Kingdom’s leadership in the fight against poverty, an indicator serving as a barometer of a nation’s economic development, the magazine underlines that Morocco has today the lowest poverty rate in Africa with 4.8 pc, i.e. the 5th lowest poverty rate in the world behind China (0.6 pc), Ukraine (1.30 pc), Kazakhstan (2.50 pc) and Sri Lanka (4.10 pc).

South Africa and Nigeria have a poverty rate of 55.5 pc and 40.10 pc respectively, says the magazine, adding that these two largest African economies are respectively 11.6 and 8.3 times poorer than Morocco.

“This is not a lesser performance for the Kingdom which has neither the immense human resources and hydrocarbons of Nigeria, nor the abundant mines of South Africa”, the editorialist points out.

Morocco’s performance is even more striking when we see the poverty rate of countries deemed to be developed. In the US, the poverty rate is 18.6%, against 13.4% in France, 12.9% in Russia, 21.9% in India, 19.99% in Brazil and 4.6% in Switzerland, writes journalist Samirat Ntiaze in the editorial titled: “Morocco of King Mohammed VI: The lowest poverty rate in Africa”.

“Shouldn’t these numbers impose modesty on international lesson-givers?” the journalist wonders, adding that “Morocco takes the lead in Africa” in terms of development and represents a model to follow for the Continent.

The journalist also sheds light on the elaboration of Morocco’s New Development Model, noting that this work, launched at the initiative of King Mohammed VI, should be a model to follow in Africa.

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