Two Chinese and a Congolese official sentenced to 10 years in prison for pimping

Two Chinese nationals and a Congolese official were sentenced to ten years in prison for organizing a pimping ring in Kinshasa involving Chinese women.
Ye Jing Peng and Lili Bin were sentenced to ten years and three months in prison on November 21 for pimping Chinese women and using false documents, said their lawyer, Nicky Bayo.
A Congolese official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was sentenced to the same penalty “for issuing courtesy visas without having the authority to do so,” she added.
Eight Chinese women who were staying illegally were fined $1,000 each and 23 others were acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence, said Nicky Bayo.
One of the acquitted women said she received a monthly salary of $500 as a “waitress.
In his closing statement, the prosecutor accused the two Chinese nationals of organizing sexual exploitation of young Chinese women in several cities in the sub-region.

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