Mozambican Parliament gives final approval to the State General Account for 2021

The Plenary of the Assembly of the Republic (AR) approved this Wednesday, November 9, the draft resolution on the general state account (CGE) for the fiscal year 2021.
The final approval of this document was through the voting process that provided the following results: deputies present – 209; votes against – 47; abstentions – 0 and votes in favor – 162.
Article 2 of this document spells out that ʺthe Government shall observe, in the preparation of the next accounts, the recommendations contained in the Opinions of the the Committee on the Plan and Budget (CPO), the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights and Legality (CACDHL) and the Report and Opinion of the Administrative Court on the General State Account for 2021ʺ.
Meanwhile, the Working Committees of the Assembly of the Republic (AR) recommended, last week, to the Plenary the positive appreciation of the General State Account (CGE) regarding the economic year 2021, as they found that it obeyed the principles, procedures, deadlines and structure established in Law No. 14/2020, of December 23, SISTAFE Law, and does not suffer from any vice of unconstitutionality and illegality.
In its Opinion on this matter, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights and Legality (CACDHL) praises the role played by the Administrative Court (TA) in the careful and professional analysis of the 2021 CGE and in presenting the findings and the respective recommendations.
ʺEven so, the Committee recommends the Government to strictly observe the recommendations of the TA in the Report and Opinion on the General State Account 2021, in view of the findings listed, in order to comply with the Law and improve budget execution procedures and thus ensure transparent management of public affairsʺ, emphasizes the Opinion of the CACDHL.
For its part, the Planning and Budget Committee (CPO) considers that the 2021 CGE is structured in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and other planning instruments.
ʺThe CPO considers that the results of the macroeconomic management of the country obtained in the year under review are satisfactory and contribute to the continued improvement in access and quality of services provided to citizens, in compliance with the Five-Year Government Program 2020/2024, despite adverse factors that influenced economic performance, specifically the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic; military instability perpetrated by terrorist groups in the North; climate change and restrictions in external funding to the State Budgetʺ, clarifies the CPO in its Opinion on the CGE of 2021.
From the analysis made of the CGE of 2021 and the Opinion of the TA, and after compiling the contributions of Civil Society Organizations, the CPO recommends the Government, among others, to continue with actions in the tax area with a view to increasing and diversifying the levels of revenue capture and in the rationalization of public spending given the limitation of resources.

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