More than 65% of Guinea-Bissau voters are registered after one month

The director-general of the Technical Office for Support to the Electoral Process (GTAPE) of Guinea-Bissau, Gabriel Gibril Baldé said yesterday that 65.6 percent of Guineans with electoral capacity are already registered to vote in the June 4 parliamentary elections.
“Of the 844,087 expected voters 549,155 are registered, reaching in these last days 65.6%. This is the number of those registered in these last 30 days”, said Gabriel Gibril Baldé.
The director-general of GTAPE was speaking at a press conference to take stock of the first month of voter registration, which began on December 10 and ends on February 10.
When asked about the voter registration in the diaspora, Gabriel Gibril Baldé said that they already have the technical conditions in place, and that all that is missing is to solve the administrative part, which depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to start the process.
The electoral legislation foresees voter registration in Senegal, Cape Verde, Gambia, Mauritania and Guinea-Conakry, in the African circle, and Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, in the European circle.
Guinean President Umaro Sissoco Embaló dissolved the National Assembly in May and scheduled legislative elections for December 18, but the government, after meetings with political parties, proposed postponing them until May.
Umaro Sissoco Embaló finally set the ballot for June 4.

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