Cape Verde’s president promulgates change to arms law with call for review

The President of Cape Verde, José Maria Neves, promulgated the amendment to the arms law proposed by the government and approved by the parliament, but informed the National Assembly that he will request the review of constitutionality of two articles.
In a note released today, the Presidency of the Republic states that the head of state decided to promulgate the act of the National Assembly that proceeds to the first amendment to Law No. 31/VIII/2013, of May 22, on the legal framework of weapons and ammunition, increasing the criminal frameworks and the typification of crimes, “considering, on the one hand, the broad favorable vote that it earned and, on the other, the concern for security underlying the act.
However, in a letter to the president of parliament, José Maria Neves states that he “will submit to the successive review of constitutionality” the provisions of paragraph f) of no. 1 of article 90 and the part that adds articles 90b and 90c, of article 4, on types of weapons and criminal moldings. Article 4, on types of weapons and criminal frames, because “the laws of the National Assembly must respect the Constitution of the Republic, in particular the material regime, provided for in Article 17 of the Constitution, safeguarding other constitutionally protected rights or interests, in respect for the principle of proportionality.
“In this regard, it should be noted that the option for successive monitoring arises from the recognition that the parliamentary initiative deserves substantial reception, especially since ten years after the adoption of the legal regime on weapons and ammunition, its updating and improvement is fully justified, taking into account the experience of its application,” he justifies.
This legislative change has been prepared by the Government since 2019, following the worsening of crime, particularly in the city of Praia, with groups using white and handmade firearms.