Angola: Finance Minister reassures civil servants about June salaries

Angola’s Finance Minister, Vera Daves de Sousa, says civil servants can rest assured that their June salaries will be paid.

Minister Vera Daves de Sousa reassured Angolan civil servants, stressing that 207 billion kwanzas (279.8 million euros) have already been paid and only a residual amount of 5.5 million euros remains to be paid. “There are still 4.1 billion kwanzas left to be paid, and they should be concluded today (Thursday). We want to reassure the Angolan people that the State continues to be able to meet its basic commitments – salaries, debt servicing, running costs of the main institutions,” said the minister, who was speaking Thursday on the sidelines of the presentation of the results of a study on financial inclusion in Angola.

According to Vera Daves de Sousa, the latest salary delays have to do with “some lag between the time when the revenue comes in and the date of our commitments.

“This causes some delays to happen sometimes, what we are doing to avoid these delays, which we are aware has an impact on the lives of families, is to calibrate priorities with the budget units”, explained Vera Daves de Sousa. The holder of Angola’s Finance portfolio reiterated that in a scenario where tax revenues are lower, it is necessary to change governance priorities, always ensuring the commitments made.

“June is calm, we will be able to close all the salaries until today and we will already start preparing ourselves from tomorrow so that in July and the following months we will be able to fulfill this very important commitment for the civil servants, in due time and without causing stress to the families”, she highlighted.

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