EU backs electrification of 3,000 households in Benin with 3.1m euros

The European Union, EU, has provided a financing of 3.1 million euros to “Les Soleils du Benin”, an energy company, in the framework of “Initiative de Financement l’Electrification [Electrification Financing Initiative], to provide electricity to 3,000 households in Benin.

ElectriFi is managed by Brussels-based EDFI Management Company, a specialized investment management company with a public service mission to support market development in low- and middle-income countries and to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Les Soleils du Benin”, a key player in renewal energy industry in the West African country, runs at least 12 mini-grids throughout the country. The company created by General du Solaire International, ARESS and NEoT Offgrid Africa, argues that the financing that will enable to provide a sustainable and electrified future for communities.

The financing is not the first for the company. In January 2023, it won a tender valued multiple millions of dollars from the Millennium Corporation Challenge (MCC) to provide electricity to 5,000 households through the construction of 12 mini-grids.