Congo: Denis Sassou-Nguesso announce his candidacy for March presidential election

Several times solicited to be a candidate for his own succession during the presidential election scheduled for March 21, the Congolese Head of State Denis Sassou-Nguesso used Saturday, January 23, 2021, a ceremony to launch the construction of a road in Kibangou in Niari to announce his candidacy.
In Kibangou, it was after a rain that fell continuously all morning that the notables of the region gave the president what they call the attributes of power: an old mat and a brand new one, symbol of continuity, according to their expression. To these mats one must add panther skin and teeth or even cola nuts.
Before handing him these attributes, the notables urged President Denis Sassou-Nguesso to apply for the presidential election of March 21. He answered without detours
“Yes, we are running for president in the presidential election next March. And we believe that together in peace we will continue the long march towards the development of our country,” said the president, who has 36 years at the head of Congo.
Young Niari ex-combatants who had turned their backs on violence and grouped together in an association called Dynamique pour la Paix symbolically gave him an envelope of 5 million CFA francs as a contribution to his candidacy deposit. The deposit was set at 25 million CFA francs.
After the announcement by President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, Congolese civil society was quick to react. Joe Washington Ebina, one of the figures of the civil society, believes that it is time to turn the page on Sassou-Nguesso, by estimating that his candidature will not bring anything new to the country.

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