Burkina Faso: The village of Tin-Akoff is raided by hundreds of armed men

At least three civilians were killed in the village of Tin-Akoff on Saturday night. Two people were still missing on Sunday. According to security sources, several concessions were burned. In addition, three soldiers were injured when their vehicle was blown up by an improvised explosive device on the Seba-Mansila road.
Armed men, hundreds of them, according to local sources, stormed parts of the town of Tin-Akoff on Saturday night. At least three men were killed. Houses were burned and livestock taken away, according to several witnesses contacted at the scene. Two residents were still missing on Sunday after the gunmen attacked.
Before leaving the village, the attackers reportedly gave the population an ultimatum. “The terrorists promised to launch an assault on the village if they found a resident there,” according to a security source. The distressed populations of the Adjora and Manzourou neighborhoods targeted by the attack began to flee. They went to the local military detachment to protect themselves, security sources said. The inhabitants of Markoye, the neighboring locality, also recorded arrivals of people from Tin-Akoff.
Another attack targeted a convoy of food for internally displaced persons in Mansila, also in the Sahel region. One of the vehicles in the convoy was blown up by an improvised explosive device. Three soldiers were injured. Defense forces were securing the food convoy. The injured were evacuated to the capital for treatment. Mansila is home to approximately 10,000 people displaced from their homes.

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