Burkina Faso: Eight soldiers arrested on suspicion of coup attempt

Suspected of attempting to destabilize institutions, i.e., a coup d’état, eight soldiers were arrested by the military judicial police, according to a statement from the military prosecutor.
According to the military prosecutor, it was one of the alleged members of the group who denounced the others. They are suspected of attempting to destabilize the institutions of the Republic, that is, an attempted coup. The military judicial police have opened an investigation to “elucidate” this case, according to the prosecutor.
Since last Saturday, January 8, several military personnel, alleged members of the gang, have been arrested and questioned. Among these soldiers is Lieutenant-Colonel Emmanuel Zoungrana, commander of the 12th infantry commando regiment. He was the commander of the group of forces in the western sector in the fight against terrorism.
The prosecutor’s office assures that the procedure will follow its course in strict respect of the presumption of innocence and the right of defense. According to a security source, a group of people, including soldiers, were suspected of being involved in the November 27 march. These individuals were allegedly planning to destabilize the government by taking advantage of the chaos created by the demonstration.
But for the moment, there is no link between the arrest of the eight soldiers and those who wanted to take advantage of the march to destabilize the government, according to our source.

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