Report Finds Compelling Proof of Genocide by Ethiopia in Tigray Conflict

A new 120-page report from the U.S.-based New Lines Institute presents compelling evidence that Ethiopian forces committed acts constituting genocide during the 2020-2022 Tigray war. The report cites numerous credible independent sources alleging Ethiopian troops and allied forces carried out genocidal acts with the intent to destroy ethnic Tigrayans.

The two-year conflict erupted in November 2020 when the Ethiopian military intervened in the northern Tigray region after the regional government sought autonomy. Thousands perished amid accusations of massacres, rape, and arbitrary detentions by both sides, though each denied responsibility.

Last September, a UN report found war crimes and crimes against humanity were ongoing nearly a year after the warring parties agreed to cease fighting.

The New Lines Institute states there is sufficient evidence Ethiopia violated the Genocide Convention through actions like deliberate mass killings, starvation tactics, and inflicting conditions to destroy Tigrayans ethnically and prevent births. It alleges the Ethiopian military, Eritrean forces, and militia groups possessed genocidal intent against Tigrayans.

The report also cites social media posts publicly inciting genocide. While Ethiopia has denied its forces committed war crimes, and Eritrea dismissed accusations as defamatory, the report corroborates UN findings of a reasonable basis to conclude the countries committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The report authors urge the international community to pressure Ethiopia through bilateral ties and bring the country before the International Court of Justice over the alleged atrocities.