Nouakchott Slams UN Report on Human Rights & Extreme Poverty

Mauritanian authorities have lambasted the UN Report on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty in the country saying it is “baseless and partial.”

State-run commission on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (CDHAH) criticized the report author, Philip Alston, of partiality and chided the report for being baseless.

Alston said in his report 44 per cent of rural populations of the country, namely in Gorgol, Brakna and Trarza region that he visited during his ten-day stay in Mauritania are still living in extreme poverty while a small portion of the population are enjoying bliss.

The UN expert urged the government to disseminate the fruits of economic growth and to do much better in its efforts to combat the legacy of slavery, provide education, and basic human rights to every single Mauritanian.

Nouakchott was irked after the UN expert chose himself the sites he wanted to visit instead of regions witnessing development changes the state proposed for the visit.

Alston said he visited regions housing Mauritanians deported from Senegal where all development structures are lacking. He also visited people accusing the state of expropriation.

The UN report tallies comments made on Monday by EU’s Chief in Mauritania, Jose Antonio Sabade, who called on authorities to adopt inclusive policies enabling all Mauritanians to play a role in the development of the country.

For the EU official, no country can aspire towards development while half of its populations is excluded.

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