SA’s Jacob Zuma loses 783 charges appeal

South Africa’s High Court on Friday said President Jacob Zuma had no grounds to appeal against a court ruling that has asked him to face corruption charges in an arms probe dating back to 2009.

The court found that there was no reasonable prospects of another court reaching a different conclusion and that no compelling reasons for appeal were raised.

The same court had ruled in April that dropping the 783 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering against Zuma, was ‘irrational’ and ordered that the president stands trial over the case.

The presidency in a brief statement said Zuma accepted the ruling but would appeal.

The case against Zuma stems from his time as deputy president between 1999 and 2005. During this period, he allegedly received an annual bribe from the local subsidiary of a French defence company in return for shielding it from an official investigation into arms deals.

Zuma was also accused of accepting payments from Schabir Shaik, a businessman who then acted as his financial adviser. Zuma allegedly used his influence to give Shaik contracts and favors.

The ruling adds pressure on Zuma, who has faced calls for his resignation even from within inside the ruling African National Congress since a damning constitutional court judgement against him last month.

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