Mali: Chadian delegation in Bamako to learn from the CNT

Four members of the Chadian committee charged with appointing future members of the National Transitional Council are in Mali to learn from the local CNT, the legislative body of the transition set up following the military coup of August 18. To understand the situation on the ground and possibly draw inspiration from it, the Chadian delegation met with members of the Malian CNT as well as President Assimi Goïta.
It was Colonel Assimi Goïta, then vice president of the transition, who personally led the selection of candidates for the Malian CNT. On Tuesday, August 3, the Chadian delegation led by Jean-Bernard Padaré, an executive of the MPS, the presidential party, and vice-president of the selection committee, met with the new president of the Malian transition.
The Malian CNT has 121 members, while the Chadian CNT will have 93. The context in which this transitional legislative body must be installed is not exactly the same, but the objective is the same: to compose the most representative assembly possible of the country’s active forces, without going through an election.
Before visiting Assimi Goïta, the Chadian delegation obviously met with the CNT president, Colonel Malick Diaw, as well as the vice-presidents and heads of the Council’s commissions. Again to discuss the issue of candidate selection. The Chadian delegation is scheduled to leave Bamako today. Another team will soon travel to Sudan to learn more about another transition model.

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